Hello, my name is Kylie Haney, and I’m a young creative based in Oregon.

I design, I dance, and dabble in the fine arts because if there’s anything I love to do, it is to create. As a designer, I look forward to expanding my skills in different areas of design.

Though I enjoy learning, I do favor design areas such as branding, video effects, and illustration design.

CROSS Dance Lab

A newly imagined dance studio that acts as the intersection point for dancers of all backgrounds. A place that values inclusivity and acceptance in dancers' identities, skills, and commitment.

Take a sneak peek to check out the branding system, website, and social.

Makeup Artist Youtube Intro

An emerging makeup artist's Youtube channel was in need of a quick intro clip.

A freelance project to add a transition in between the start of the video to the artist's makeup tutorial.

Antheia Flowers

An imagined rebrand for an existing floral/lifestyle shop called Antheia Flowers.

This rebrand was a class project to transform the company's current identity to their desired mission.

Illustrated Works

From decorative accessories to needed prints, see how illustrations can be useful in items used today.

Designs include cute desserts, skeletal explorations, and low poly animals.

OSU Recreational Sports

Employment as a graphic designer from Oregon State University's Recreational Sports.

View the types of designs we produce with our marketing team following OSU's brand guidelines.