CROSS Dance Lab

Brand System • Website Design • Product Design

CROSS Dance Lab is a newly imagined dance studio that acts as the intersection point for dancers of all backgrounds.

Logo Design

Logo design visualizes crossing paths and passing through an intersecting point in our experience as dancers. A logo that is versatile and clean its application.

Brand Guidelines

For the brand system, the goal was to be simple and inclusive. With the primary brand colors only containing an off-black, white, and lightened-red, it gives the brand flexibility of its image. Typography uses the typeface for similar reasons.

Website Prototype

There are three attributes I stayed conscious of when designing this site, it needed to be accessible, friendly, and work with a lot of negative space. In UI/UX design, it is vital to think about how the user navigates throughout your design. Tell the story how you want them to see and avoid confusion at all costs by clear language, imagery, and navigation.

View prototype of website design.


Branded products with a simple logo are not only trendy, but universal too. These shirts and accessories are meant to be subtle with their branding, and yet, still look cool to own. It encourages dancers to be a part of one community and feel they are in it too.

Instagram Advertisements

Social media presence is a part of this new day and age. Cross Dance Lab makes an effort in promoting the studio, and post choreography videos for potential followers to love and watch.