Antheia Flowers

Logo Design • Brand Identity

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Antheia Flowers is a floral shop based in the United Arab Emirates that sells plants, bouquet arrangements, and services for special occasions. Their products are sophisticated, beautiful, and versatile which is exactly what helped influence this imagined rebrand.

Logo Development

Their shop name refers to one of the Three Graces in Greek mythology. Antheia is the goddess of flowers, but is also the embodiment of trust, friendship, and community. As an homage to this reference, I wanted to make sure their brand identity made connections to the Greek goddess.

  • first draft
  • second draft

As you can see, there was an exploration to develop the final outcome for the logo design. In many iterations, I played with the idea of honoring the Three Graces, but came to the conclusion that the shop is named after Antheia herself, not all of the Graces. Solidifying a logo that balances harmony by asymmetrically placing a pair of leaves encourages this idea of friendship - that two individuals work better together rather than alone. This decision’s goal is to display what Antheia embodies.

Brand System

Influenced by all that the Greek goddess embodies, this is a moodboard that helped envision the brand identity for the rebrand of Antheia Flowers.

There is something warm and inviting from this collection of images. As much as I wanted to use the warm tones from what I compiled, the vibrancy of peachy and golden colors meant it would easily clash with the flowers and plants branded with them. As a result, the primary color in the palette is an olive green with the secondary adding the warm touch needed. Green is natural and versatile in its use which I thought could be a more efficient and flexible fit. As a last touch, typography balances sophistication with approachability by using both Gravesend Sans and Avenir in the brand system.

Applying the brand.

Creating a brand identity that is versatile and subtle was vital to be aware of when applying it throughout potential products. Embossments of glass terrariums, tags, and stationary designs are a few applications of Antheia Flowers’ rebrand.