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This is where fine arts and design meets. Featured here are three works that display how illustration design can be applied in the real world.

Illustrated Desserts

Postcards, stickers, and pinback buttons! These cute dessert illustrations were inspired by a study abroad opportunity in Seoul, South Korea back in Summer of 2019. There is much appreciation for the art of their food, and these are only an example of how tasty and delightful their foods can look.

  • first draft
  • second draft
  • second draft

Anatomy Studies

The goal with this project was to give a new edge to anatomy books. With drawings of anatomy rather than computerized graphics, it personalizes the informational text from being too systematic and more distinctive.

Low Poly Animals

Lastly featured are key chains with low poly illustrations of a sea turtle, jewel beetle, and koi fish. Abstractions of recognizable creatures are not only fun, but exciting to distinguish. Low poly graphics utilize perspective and light to help encourage a three-dimensional effect to these imagined animals.